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Treatment multi action 50 min.

A journey between purification and regeneration. You will be wrapped in warm mud rich in clays and spagyric oleolites of lavender and arnica ... [...]

CM Slim

Cutting-edge technology in body contouring: Intense electric-magnetic energy triggers supramaximal muscle contractions that not only burn fat but ... [...]
Duration: 50 min

JetPeel - air, water...and high tech

With the simplest elements - air and water - give the skin a radiant appearance. The JetPeel technology cleans 100% pore-deep, brings micro-drops of ... [...]

ADLER Vitamins body and face treament 75 min

The synergy of peeling and massage create a smoothing, moisturizing and antioxidant effect which, thanks to the raspberry extracts, promote cell ... [...]

ADLER Draining Treatment 50 min.

Stimulates the drainage of the tissues and improves microcirculation thanks to a massage with centella, red vine and mentholond-based products. A ... [...]

Foot Reflexology in Water

The benefit foot reflexology which, by stimulating specific points of the foot provides an extended relief to the internal organs, is combined with ... [...]

Salt Grotto

Salt Grotto

The healing properties of salt, its extraordinary cleansing and regenerating effects on the respiratory tract and skin were already appreciated in ... [...]

Rasul Bath 40 min

 Exclusive steam bath where, together, you will experience a beauty ritual with purifying mud that will make your skin smooth and ... [...]

Treatment Gold - 60 min.

A pampering hair treatment with final blow drying for stressed and dry hair. This effective care with collagen active ingredients provides vitality ... [...]
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