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ULTHERAPY – non-invasive facelift

It is a fact we all must face: as we get older, nature takes its course and the effects of sun exposure, gravity and muscle deterioration inevitably... [...]

Scars and stretch marks

Today there is an innovative remedy to eliminate these imperfections, a non-surgical and non-ablative therapy that stimulates tissue regeneration and... [...]

High intensive interval training - fit and slim in only 25 min daily!

Losing weight and achieving a slim, toned body – preferably in the shortest possible time – is a desire shared by an increasing number of... [...]

Improve digestion to defeat abdominal fat and prevent diabetes

The world's leading healthcare organizations agree that 60% of diseases affecting mankind could be prevented or improved by changing our lifestyles,... [...]

Do we really need food supplements?

Surprisingly enough, we do. In this day and age, a well-balanced diet might not be enough to meet our needs for vitamins, minerals and enzymes. The... [...]

NEW Oxigen Ozone Therapy

Now, medical science can rely on a new, innovative tool to help you boost your health and well-being by increasing the amount of oxygen available to... [...]

Better safe than sorry

Making health checks regularly is the key for a long and happy life. But why should you make an health check with analysis at the... [...]

Stressed out?

Do you want to know if STRESS is having now consequences on your on your body? Do you know if your lifestyle is "at risk", even if you feel good? We... [...]

Why do we get ill? Ask your cells!

Why do we get ill? Why do some people manage to resist the attack of viruses and others do not? The answer is in our CELLS! Wrong eating habits,... [...]

Modern laboratory for analysis

New this year you may find a state-of-the-art laboratory for blood tests and specific analysis of your state of health in the ADLER Thermae.... [...]

BIA - Stay healthy with a simple test

How many have done investigations of all kinds and although they have not found significant changes do not feel perfectly... [...]

Tackling bone fragility with BIA: A powerful tool for early diagnosis of osteopenia and osteoporosis

As defined by the World Health Organization, osteopenia and osteoporosis are skeletal alterations characterised by reduced bone tissue density... [...]

Health in Seven Steps

Improve or recover the well-being should be the primary goal of every human being. Even when our mind is directed against others, we should first take... [...]

Do you frequently suffer from cystitis or candidiasis?

This could be an alarm bell that warns us that it is necessary to check the state of well-being of our intestines. This check is very important, the... [...]
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