Aetos Orcia Rosé Biological and Biodynamic DOC 2021

Aetos Orcia Rosé Biological and Biodynamic DOC 2021

Elegant rosé wine made from 100% certified organic and biodynamic Sangiovese grapes, early harvested by hand to ensure acidity and the natural freshness of the wine. The grapes are pressed gently, and fermentation takes place in stainless steel vats with constant monitoring of temperature and oxygen levels. Aged on the lees for at least three months.

The Aetos Rosé, with its pink onion skin colour, wins over the nose with its bouquet of fresh flowers, rose, and clear hints of small red fruits. On the palate it reveals just the right amount of freshness and savouriness that makes the body slender, resulting in a pleasant and elegant wine.

Price: 21,00 €

You can pay the amount of 21,00 easily together with the bill of your stay. The order will be prepared at the reception on the day of your departure.
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