Points of interest

Bagno Vignoni

The thermal pool in the centre of the small Renaissance hamlet of Bagno Vignoni goes back to Roman times, but Bagno Vignoni owes its name to the 11th... [...]

San Quirico d’Orcia

San Quirico d’Orcia is the next village in the direction of Siena and grew up around the medieval village of Osenna, even if its origins... [...]


The town of Pienza, originally Corsignano, owes its name and splendour to Enea Silvio Piccolomini, who was born in Corsignano, where his family, one... [...]


Monticchiello is situated on a hilltop immersed in the Siena countryside, in the municipality of Pienza. The peculiar beauty of the countryside, drawn... [...]

Rocca d'Orcia

The symbol of Rocca d'Orcia is the Rocca of Tentennano, in a dominant position on a rocky outcrop visible throughout the Val d'Orcia. The origins of... [...]

The Abbey of Sant’Antimo

10 km from Montalcino, imbedded in a romantic and peaceful small valley with vineyards, cypresses and centenarian olive trees lies one of the most... [...]


The village lies on a hill at 564 m, from which one overlooks the three valleys of Orcia, Arbia and Ombrone. It has conserved up to today its medieval... [...]


The village of Etruscan origin has 14,000 inhabitants today and was built at a height of 605 mt. on a tuff hill between Val di Chiana and Val d'Orcia.... [...]

Monte Oliveto Maggiore

A 40-year-old law professor belonging to the rich Sienese Tolomei family, Bernardo Tolomei decided to turn his back on worldly life. In 1313, he... [...]


An intact medieval village, a fortified castle with tufo mud-stone walls and a tower that seems cut off.
Castelmuzio is a small conglomeration of... [...]


Montisi, a village of just 400 people, is a microcosm of everything special about villages in this area. Unspoilt by tourism it is full of history and... [...]


The strong 14th-century wall, which preserves the Sienese character in the architectural form, once enclosed the whole village as a butterfly in the... [...]

San Giovanni d'Asso

The village originates from an ancient longobard pieve, born at the dawn of Christianity in Italy, on which a castle is erected. Its construction... [...]


A SMALL TREASURE TROVE OF MEDIEVAL ART IN THE HEART OF THE CRETE SIENESEAsciano is a historic village immersed in the famous Crete Senesi. It’s been... [...]


The provincial capital with 55.000 inhabitants offers an immense cultural and artistic heritage, especially the great artworks of the Sienese Painting... [...]

Abbadia San Salvatore

The Abbey of San Salvatore, which gives its name to the town, has very ancient origins. Legend has it that the abbey was built in the place where the... [...]


Located at 491 m on one of the last north-western foothills of the Monte Amiata, Seggiano has about 1000 inhabitants and although it is now part of... [...]

Radicofani and the Rocca di Ghino di Tacco

The medieval village has little more than 1000 inhabitants but it was very requested back in history due to the unique strategic position of its... [...]

Wild Life Park Monte Labbro

At the southwestern end of the volcanic cone of the Monte Amiata lies the Natural Reserve of Monte Labbro (1193 m) of spectacular scenic beauty. It is... [...]
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