NEW! Body Blade

Targeted Training that improves strength, coordination and muscle elasticity, ensuring joint well-being.
30 min € 42
45 min € 66... [...]

NEW! Fit Disc

Propioceptive exercises on the platform useful for improving joint balance and stability.30 min € 42
45 min € 66

Preparation for Sporting Activities

Specific workouts for golf, tennis and cycling.
30 min € 42
45 min € 66

Kinesis Training

Kinesis is a new three-dimensional training concept.
Ideal to effectively train the whole body: legs, arms, back and abdomen.
30 min €... [...]
87,00 €

Private Yoga

Private Yoga

Private Yoga session for deep relaxation and a new inner harmony.
50 min.

Pilates with Balanced Body® Pilates Allegro®

To achieve more rapidly a balanced and healthy body thanks to equipment allowing to carry out exercises in an optimal way. It remodels, improves tone... [...]

Power Training

Workout on our power training machines to increase your strength.
30 min € 42
45 min € 66
42,00 €

Fat Burning

Fat Burning

Individual training to restore the ideal shape and stimulate the metabolism.
30 min € 42
45 min € 66

Prevention Training

Programme of targeted exercises to preserve and restore the muscular tone of:
- Back
- Knees
- Shoulders
- Thighs
30 min. €... [...]

Private Pilates

Body and mind are closely linked. This relation is the foundation of Pilates, full-body exercising to strengthen the muscles, improve flexibility,... [...]

ADLER Free Body

A programme of exercises for muscle toning that uses elastic resistances and balls. Ideal for sedentary lifestyle
30 min. € 42
45 min. € 6... [...]

TRX Suspension Training

The TRX suspension trainer employs a combination of bodyweight and gravity. You decide how strenuous the various exercises should be by adjusting the... [...]
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