Your advantages


Your advantages

Modern laboratory for analysis

Specific tests and blood analysis for a precise diagnosis. Take your health tests comfortably on holiday and get the results the same day.


Medical assistance during and after your stay

During the entire stay you our doctors will take care of you. In addition, we offer medical follow-up care so that you can keep your health care success in the long term and improve further.


Exclusive and modern ambience

The stylish ambience, the unique setting of the UNESCO world heritage site Val d'Orcia and a first class 5 star service ensure that body and mind are in harmony and that you feel well-cared for.


Our ADLER Med vital cuisine

Health and well-being are accompanied by full-fledged natural ingredients. During your stay you will enjoy a simple, but high quality vitality kitchen. We prefer regional and seasonal products from organic cultivation.

Our ADLER Med nutritionists are in agreement: each of us is unique, has a personal sense of taste and uses different foods. That is why we do not need any general nutrition programs, but individual nutritional programs adapted to the particular constitution and life situation. Be it to detox, lose weight, build muscle mass, or to maintain health.

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